Ukrainian Professor Igor Girka´s war diary
„Propaganda is powerful!“


War diary by Prof. Dr. Igor Girka, DAAD alumnus, National W. N. Karasin University, Kharkiv/Ukraine; see also  "Notes of Solidarity", "Offener Brief an russische DAAD-Stipendiat:innen und Spendenaufruf/DONATIONS", "Russian version of the open letter", "Russlands Angriffskrieg gegen die Ukraine - quo vadis, Europa?",  "Anti-war petition in Russian" and "Statement des DAAD-Freundeskreises"

N.B.: This aid campaign supports the hospital in Charkiv - 100% of your donations will be used for humanitarian purposes!

Update by Prof. Girka on Sunday, May 15, 2022:
Dear all!
1. The russian war against Ukraine goes on for more than
eighty days. As the head of Kharkiv regional military
administration writes, “relative silence has been observed in
Kharkiv for several days now, while the enemy continues to strike
at the settlements of the region. City of Chuguiv was injured again
last night. There, two people were injured, one of them - a 15-
year-old child.”
2. The fourth set of humanitarian goods came to Kharkiv from
Karlsruhe on May 14. I am VERY thankful to colleagues from
"DAAD-Freundeskreis Rhein-Neckar" and everybody from
"Heisenberg-Gymnasium Bruchsal" as well as private donors who have both given and are giving
the material (both clothes and food) as well as money to buy what
is needed. The hospital has obtained what they need according to
the list which was agreed on in advance. This help is both
material and moral, both being very important for us. russia
continues the war. Its leaders do not hide that they send armed
forces to change the manner of life in Ukraine. Democratic
nations develop themselves and demonstrate the best examples
to others how to live better. They change life for the better all
over the world in a peaceful manner. Despotic russia lives in such
a manner which any neighbor is afraid of. Then russia tries to use
its ownership of nuclear weapons to make Ukrainians live as
russians do without asking what we think about this idea. They cannot
understand that killing both oursoldiers and civilians cannot provide their
objective. They did not get any lesson from invading Moldova, Georgia
(with no saying about military suppression of the uprisings against communist
dictatorship in Germany in 1953, in Hungary in 1956, in Czechoslovakia in
1968...)… They continue to threaten other countries with the possible future war.
What is also impossible to explain rationally – the population of russia endorses
the russian war against Ukraine! Propaganda is a really powerful force in human
3. A few words about myself and my family. I was born on April 29, 1962
in Kharkiv. My grandson was born on April 29, 2021 in Munich where my son
has a postdoc position at Max-Planck IPP. In February, 2022 we planned to
celebrate our birthdays together in Munich. We purchased the air tickets to LOT
(Polish airlines) for April 14. However, the war started and destroyed our plans.
On February 24, my wife and I were in Kharkiv and suffered from sounds
of shelling. On March 3, I looked into the window of my apartment and saw two
teams of firefighters who extinguished the fire from two russian missiles in two
neighboring multistoried buildings. The next morning, we loaded our car with
the most important things despite the sounds of shelling in the close vicinity and
went to our relatives who lived a few kilometers from our house. The relatives
appeared to be ready to leave their private house despite it was much more
quiet there. On March 5, we together with the relatives departed from Kharkiv,
first to the city of Dnipro. There, the relatives of my son’s colleague in MPIPP let
us live as long as it was necessary. We are very thankful to those people for their
hospitality. One day we spent in Dnipro without hearing any exposures. On
March 7, we moved to the right bank of Dnipro river and spent the night in the
dormitory of Uman University of Gardening. Uman is a small city in Ukraine
which is also known as a pilgrimage site for Breslov Hasidic Jews. It was very
pleasant that the officials of Uman University provided the chance to spend a
night for all the refugees with minor formalities. On March 8, we moved from
Uman to the city of Kremenets. It is situated more closely to the border of
Poland. There, we lived for about two months in the house of the parents of my
son’s other colleague. I had all the conditions there to work with my students, to
control the affairs within my Faculty of the University. Moreover, I celebrated
my birthday there. I could not go to my son and his family in Munich because
during war time all the men younger than sixty years have to stay in Ukraine.
On May 2, I ruled all the formalities with the local administration in Kremenets.
On May 3, I crossed the border Ukraine-Poland. On May 4, I arrived in Munich
in the evening. Now, I am in the apartments provided by MPIPP, Garching. I
plan to get a specific contract with the Institute from June 1 until the situation
in Kharkiv allows me to come back home. I do not know anything about my
apartments in Kharkiv. I hope the destruction is not very strong and I shall be
able to repair everything.
Meanwhile, the war does not stop. In particular, russian bandits continue their efforts in Kharkiv region to expand the occupied territory of Donbass. Bloody fights continue in the city of Mariupol where russians try to make a land corridor from russia to Crimea.
Moreover, I cannot answer the questions: when the war will stop, and how it will stop. If the Ukrainian Army expels the enemy from our territory (which is extremely difficult and takes too many lives of our soldiers) only, then russians can continue shelling from their territory and kill our people. How to stop the war? I think this should be the matter of discussions between the world leaders who have to make joint decisions.
Many thanks to both the population of all over the world and their governments for the powerful endorsement and support to Ukraine!

Update by Prof. Girka on Monday, May 9, 2022:
May 9th is a very important day in my consciousness. My grandfathers were about forty years old in 1941. One of my grandfathers was in the Red Army from 1941 and was killed near Stalingrad. The other was in the army from 1943 and died from wounds in 1949. I did not see any of them. There was an uncle of my mother who took part in the war as a car driver and whom I remember well. I never heard him speaking about the war. However, every time, when the family gathered to celebrate a birthday or Christmas…, the grandparents (later, parents) wished to all who were present not to see a war.
Until 1991, I studied history at a secondary school, then at theUniversity. All the time “war” was about 1941-1945. Soviet Union was describedas a winner over Nazi Germany in the war. The text-books told about soviet heroes who liberated Europe from fascism. After 1991, it appeared that in 1939-1941Soviet Union and Germany were allies; that UK, US and other countries also contributed to the victory; that people of East Germany, Poland, Hungary,Czechoslovakia… were not happy to live in “socialist camp” after “liberation”in 1945…
Nevertheless, till February 24, I could not imagine that the population of russian federation who significantly suffered from WWII can approve the full-scale war against Ukraine. I was short-sighted once again. I did not notice russian war in Georgia. I did not take into account russian war in Moldova. Now, my memory returns the frames from the recent russian movies about WWII. In most cases, the war was described like a game, in which russian soldiers easily and merrily killed enemies. The russian war against Ukraine was not occasional. russian leaders prepared the full-scale war against Ukraine in both technical and ideological respects.
Once again, in my opinion, in most cases, soldiers (not generals – they were mostly of russian origin) of different nationalities were together in the stinking trenches of WWII. This did not help. russian soldiers (who are the grandsons of those who died in WWII, and some of them are with Ukrainian roots) shoot on Ukrainian civilians and soldiers these two months.
The war is out of my consciousness in principle. The war of russia against Ukraine is absurd twice. Surely we had bloody pages in our joint history. In the 20th century these pages were directed from Moscow against Ukraine. And now on the contrary to common “never again!” russians say: “we can repeat!” and do it. Even on May 8th and 9th, russian bandits shelled Ukrainian cities. I do not believe anymore in the possibility of russian repentance.
I am cordially thankful to people and governments all over the world for endorsement and support to Ukraine!

Update by Prof. Girka on Saturday, May 7, 2022:
Dear all!

1. The war goes on. I am happy to read in the reports of Kharkiv region military administration that there were no victims among civilian people for the past 24hrs, however russian terrorists fired on Kharkiv three times.

2. My native city is proud, in particular, of Gregory Skovoroda, who was a philosopher, as well as a poet, teacher and composer of liturgical music. He lived in eighteenth century. He was one of the founders of science and education in Kharkiv. Today the village where he died is named after him: Skovorodynivka. There was his museum. The museum was of national level. The museum was situated in the estate of the XVIII century, where Skovoroda worked for the last years of his life and near which he was buried. This winter, Ukraine will celebrate the 300th anniversary of the birth of the Ukrainian philosopher at the state level.
However, the museum was destroyed by a direct hit by a russian missile on the night of May 7. The russian shell flew under the roof of the building, a fire broke out. The fire engulfed all the premises of the museum. As a result of the shelling, the 35-year-old son of the museum's director was wounded. He remained to guard the premises that night. The man was pulled out from under the rubble, doctors diagnosed him with a leg injury and sent him to a hospital.
I found these symbolic pictures ( - the monuments are whole (not destroyed). They write that most exposition was hidden to prevent damage.

3. There is an International Physicists Tournament (IPT, It is a contest among students who study Physics. This tournament is one of the most common international intellectual competitions among students, which involves teams from the world's strongest universities, including Harvard University (USA), Ecole Polytechnique (France), University of Queensland (Australia). IPT-2022 will take place in Bucaramanga (Colombia) from May 9 till 14, and will be attended by 18 teams from different countries based on the results of the qualifying round. The Ukrainian team traditionally performs very strongly at the tournament. During 13 years it was a 10-time winner of the tournament, and won the gold medals 4 times, which gained a really high reputation among the international community. The national qualifying tournament in Ukraine took place in February 2022. According to the selection results, the team of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University won the right to represent Ukraine at the international level. All the members of the team were boys this time. However, the war started. And we had to invite six girls from different Universities of Ukraine to arrange the team to go to Colombia. On one hand, we understand that it is impossible to prepare as strong team as the winners of the national selection are during a month. On the other hand, all the teams who took part in the tournament in Ukraine did their best to help the girls to prepare in the best possible manner.
On May 5, the team departed from Ukraine (see the picture by Oleksiy Golubov).

Many thanks to both the population of all over the world and their governments for the powerful endorsement and support to Ukraine!

Update by Prof. Girka on Monday, May 2, 2022:
The war goes on. On May 1st, 3 civilians were killed and 8 people were injured by russian missiles in Kharkiv region.

I try to encourage my students to continue studying Physics. They have very different conditions. Some girls moved to European countries and have good internet connection – they can comfortably listen to my lectures, take part in solving problems, and report the home tasks. The others stay in Kharkiv with alarm sirens and bombardments. They have to stop listening to my lectures on and off, and have unstable internet connection… The first year students had their control work on April 30th. The average result is 87%.

I have mentioned earlier that I visited Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in autumn 2021. I worked with Professor Manfred Thumm over our monograph “Surface Flute Waves. Eigenwaves, Excitation and Applications”. These days Springer let us know that the book is placed on the site:

Many thanks for the powerful endorsement and support to Ukraine, both from the governments and population of European countries!

Update by Prof. Girka on Wednesday, April 27, 2022:
I did not write every day last time because I am in a safe place now – not in Kharkiv. This does not mean that the war has stopped. No! Every day I read information from the Kharkiv military administration. Every day Kharkiv has several people killed and several dozens wounded by russian bombs and missiles. In particular, russian shelling last night resulted in three persons killed and fifteen persons wounded among civilians in the Kharkiv region. This is very sad for their families and for all of us. My colleagues who did not leave Kharkiv for different reasons confirm the danger of the bombardment.

A week ago russian bandits started a new stage of the war. They took their troops from our capital – Kyiv and threw them to the battles nearby Kharkiv, Donbass and in the South. Despite the higher concentration of their forces to smaller (in the length but not in the significance) parts of the front line, russians have not had any significant success still.

All this demonstrates that the war will not stop in the near future. This temporal circumstance is very terrible for Ukraine. I have already mentioned earlier: russia continues working all over its territory while most Ukrainians either moved from shelling or became military men. In any case, many people or even most people do not work as they did before the war. Any country can proceed in such a manner for a long time. On one hand this needs some solution from the state structures. On the other hand, this explains the necessity of humanitarian assistance from abroad.

One more observation from me is as follows. There is a close connection between the population and army here. I live now in a neighborhood of private buildings (almost in the countryside). Two of five of the nearest neighboring families have their men in the army now. That is why most of the population donates to army what they can; in many cases they donate not to some central foundations but to definite detachments with specific needs (as "DAAD-Freundeskreis Rhein-Neckar" , "Heisenberg-Gymnasium Bruchsal" and private persons donate to Kharkiv hospital).

Many thanks for your endorsement and support, both from the governments and population of European countries!

Update by Prof. Girka on Saturday, April 23, 2022:

1. When the Soviet atomic project started in the middle of 1940-s, the government understood the necessity to educate specialists in the sphere of Atomic Physics. Kharkiv University was well-known for its scientific school of Mathematics (let's remember Ostrogradsky, Lyapunov, Steklov…) and Physics (Landau, Akhiezer…). That is why Kharkiv was chosen as one of the centers for educating researchers for atomic branch. This choice was fixed in the same order as for Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering… In Kharkiv, the students studied at the School of Physics and Technology. Almost all Professors were chosen among the scientists from Ukrainian Institute of Physics and Technology (now – National Science Center “Karkiv Institute of Physics and Technology” (KIPT), analogue to Karlsruhe Forschung Centrum). In 1969, KIPT constructed campus for students in the direct vicinity of the Institute. Similarly to Karlsruhe, KIPT is situated to the North of Kharkiv city. That is why a dean of the School of Physics and Technology has to spend some time in a car moving from the campus to the main building in the city center and back. The shortest way goes by the hospital. In 2014, I had to change the route because it was very sad to see wounded soldiers every day whose bandage was coloured by blood – not red or brown paints as it is in movies.
The students of the University have a Christmas tradition. They arrange charitable Christmas ball. Since 2015 they have gathered money for the hospital. As a dean, I took part in the ceremony of passing the money to the hospital. Yaryna Chagovets was the volunteer who helped the chief doctor of the hospital to take care of the wounded soldiers and operated with the money via official charity foundation. Until today, she is my contact person at the hospital and helps coordinate the humanitarian aid we receive.

2. In 2014 russians occupied Crimea, then a part of Donbass. Kharkiv was their next goal. They arranged some congress of those political forces who endorsed former President Yanukovych and russians. However, dozens of thousands of Kharkiv citizens went out into the streets in Kharkiv in February 2014 to say “no” to the plans of separatists. Kharkiv clearly demonstrated its choice to be with Ukraine. After the holodomor in 1930-s in Ukraine, many people came to Kharkiv from all over the Soviet Union, in particular, to work at Kharkiv industrial enterprises. That is why Kharkiv speaks russian very often. This was one of the reasons why they thought in Moscow that it would be easy to separate Kharkiv from Ukraine. Nevertheless, Kharkiv answered “no” in Russian to separatists. One of my classmates, Igor Tolmachov, was among the heads of the protests against the announcement of a separate Kharkiv republic. We studied together at the University for six years. And Yaryna helped Igor as well.

Next year, in February 2015, Kharkiv citizens arranged the demonstration in memory of events of 2014. Three persons, who were prepared and armed in russia, arranged the explosion by the way of the demonstration in 2015. My classmate was killed along with the other three people. We worked with Yaryna to produce the memorial board to Igor Tolmachov at the wall of the University. These and many other cases in my life confirmed that Yaryna is a trustworthy person, who is a dedicated patriot of Kharkiv and Ukraine.

3. Today, the third set of humanitarian goods came to Kharkiv from Bruchsal and Heidelberg. I am VERY thankful to colleagues from "DAAD-Freundeskreis Rhein-Neckar", private donators and everybody from "Heisenberg-Gymnasium Bruchsal" who have given and are giving the material (mainly clothes, electronic devices and food) as well as money to buy what is needed. You provide the goods on the list that was agreed on in advance. EVERYTHING is just what the hospital needs. These goods also demonstrate the powerful moral endorsement which is also of the highest significance in our struggle for our and your FREEDOM!

4. From the Ukrainian side, the war involves almost all the nation. Many people do their best not because of their job. They do it within their free time, not for any salary, because they understand that the war is about our FUTURE! 

Update by Prof. Girka on Friday, April 22, 2022:
In the small Ukrainian city I temporarily live in now, the Ukrainian banner is often lowered because of mourning for passed soldiers, those soldiers who were born here.

Dr. Kseniya Resynkina who was born in Kharkiv and graduated from BSc program in Nuclear Physics at our School of Physics and Technology, V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University writes about the war. “russian bandits fire on my city every day. On Sunday, April 24, it will be two months. Tonight I dreamed of returning to Kharkiv and I couldn't recognize the city. It was terribly realistic. Then I came across the second photo on social networks, and it appeared to be not a dream.” You can see Kseniya in the first picture several years ago in Kharkiv when she visited her parents here. The second picture provides the same place in Kharkiv destroyed by russians.

Russians do fire on Kharkiv every day and every night. Every day Kharkiv state administration reports on the victims. This terrible war continues to take the lives of Ukrainians, our bravest, heroically loyal boys and girls... Yesterday the University received bitter news. Volunteer Yevhen PROSKURIN, a graduate of the Department of Applied Linguistics at Karazin University, died tragically from an enemy fragment. The School of Philology remembers Eugene as a bright, cheerful, smiling young man who was supposed to celebrate his 26th birthday yesterday. But a russian deadly machine ended a young flourishing life.

This Sunday parishioners of Orthodox Church will celebrate Easter in Ukraine. Since russians fire on churches as well as any other buildings, the state administrations ask people not to visit the churches to exclude the possibility for russian bandits to take more Ukrainian lives.

Update by Prof. Girka on Monday, April 18, 2022:
I am very glad that I have no sad news about any death of my colleagues these days.

Yesterday, Professor Beresnev, who works at my School, went to buy some medicines at a pharmacy. Unexpectedly, a russian bomb exploded in about one hundred meters. He left alive. He only got a light contusion. We are getting used to such news without paying much attention to them. Because every day russian bandits send dozens of bombs and missiles to our city. Every day several people in Kharkiv are killed by these missiles, with no mention about destruction.

A few days ago, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to the Commander of the 58th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Operational Command "North" of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, colonel Dmytro Kashchenko. “The award was given for the personal example of heroism that inspires comrades, for extremely effective combat operations and concrete and very important results for maintaining the positions of our army and expelling the occupiers.” These are words from the evening address by the President on April 15. On the picture (I got it from the University site:, one can see the colonel several months ago. The President of the University (the woman at the left) awarded him as the best graduate of the year from Karazin Institute of Public Administration (the Department of our University which provides second higher education for heading persons).

Update by Prof. Girka on Friday, April 15, 2022:
Yesterday, local social networks brought the video of the building of the School of Physics and Technology, V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University, where I studied and worked since 1979 till now. It is hard to imagine that it can be restored after russian bombardments. Most probably, the new building should be designed and built after the victory.

Update by Prof. Girka on Tuesday, April 12, 2022:
Yesterday, local social networks brought the pictures of my native secondary school. I studied there for 10 years. I met my friends there. My dear teachers taught me… It also suffered from russian bandits. No victims, since the school does not work under war time. Nevertheless, I do not forgive those who shot and those who ordered the shooting at the school.

Update by Prof. Girka on Monday, April 11, 2022 (part II):
Today, a second set of humanitarian goods (including a microwave) came to Kharkiv, see pictures attached. I am VERY thankful to colleagues from "DAAD-Freundeskreis Rhein-Neckar" and "Heisenberg-Gymnasium Bruchsal" as well as private donors. As mentioned before, the list of goods was agreed on in advance. That is why everything is just what the hospital needs. Alongside, this is a powerful moral endorsement – we see your desire to stay with us in this struggle!

Update by Prof. Girka on Monday, April 11, 2022 (part I):
Today is the 47th day of the war. russian bandits continue to commit a crime against Ukraine, against the mankind! They continue killing Ukrainians.
1. Yesterday, the dean of the School of Chemistry at V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University let us know that the senior lecturer of his School Oleksandr Korsun was killed on April 7, 2022. The tragedy happened in the result of shelling in Kharkiv. His wife and two minor children left without a husband and father.
2. Please Help! Please Participate in Gold Medal Auction!
The teacher of our University Maryna Lytovchenko is the champion of Paralympics. She announces the Auction to help the University:
“Sports is my life! Fighting for Victory is my life! Although I compete as an individual, I have achieved victory thanks to those supporting me, especially the Karazin University in Kharkiv. Now it’s my turn to support the University, as Ukraine fights for its freedom - the ultimate Fight for Victory!
Karazin University is in the heart of Khariv’s downtown. Many of its buildings have been destroyed, and students and teachers need daily help.
I decided to sell the most valuable of my sport awards - the Paralympic Gold Medal from Tokyo 2020, so that the University could live and work fully. This medal is particularly meaningful, since I beat two athletes from the Russian Olympic Committee 3-0 in the semifinals and finals of the Paralympics in Tokyo!
Today, my country is showing an indomitable spirit and a will for much-needed victory. Every day my city Kharkiv and my University hold on heroically. Let's help them survive together!
I am selling my Gold Medal in an auction format. The starting bid is 10 000 USD. Please comment under this post or message me directly to participate in this auction.
If you are unable to participate in the auction, but would like to support me and the Karazin University, please make a transfer to the account of the University Alumni Association (link in the first comment). I will personally send an autographed postcard to anyone who makes a donation over 50 USD.”
We ask NATO to shelter the sky over Ukraine!

Update by Prof. Girka on Saturday, April 9, 2022:
Today is the 45th day of the war. russian bandits continue to commit crimes against Ukraine, against mankind!

1. Yesterday, the occupiers hit the Kramatorsk railway station with a missile Point-U. Thousands of peaceful Ukrainians were waiting to be evacuated there… About 30 people were killed; about 100 people were injured to varying degrees. russian non-humans do not abandon their methods. Lacking the strength and courage to stand up to us on the battlefield, they are cynically killing the civilian population. This is an evil that has no limits. And if it is not punished, it will never stop. See the following links:
Link 1
Link 2
Deutsche Welle
Link 3
Link 4

2. Yesterday, colleagues sent the video (“my street”) to me. It demonstrates the destruction made by russian bandits to the civilian buildings at the street where I lived last thirty years. This is to explain why I had to leave my apartments. I cannot see just my windows in the video. Then I hope my apartments can still be safe.

We ask to shelter the sky over Ukraine!

Update by Prof. Girka on Wednesday, April 6, 2022:
russian bandits were unsuccessful near Kyiv. Now they left the plan to occupy it. However Kharkiv is under continuous bombardment. That is why the hospital works hard. And we expect that the tension (load) will increase there.

Update by Prof. Girka on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 (part II):
In 2018 and 2021, I visited Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to work with German colleagues, specifically, with Professor Manfred Thumm. This was possible due to DAAD fellowships. Both stays were fruitful. Two monographs were submitted to Springer Publishing House. As a guest professor, I also joined "Schule hautnah - scholars at school", a program organized by the DAAD-Freundeskreis Rhein-Neckar in Heidelberg, and visited Heisenberg-Gymnasium Bruchsal.

Several days ago humanitarian goods came to Kharkiv (my native city, which resists to russian aggression at the North-East of Ukraine), see pictures attached. I am VERY thankful for people from "DAAD-Freundeskreis Rhein-Neckar" and "Heisenberg-Gymnasium Bruchsal" as well as private donors who have given and are giving material (clothes and food) and also money to buy what is needed. The list of goods was agreed on in advance. That is why everything is just what we need. This is neither for me nor for my relatives, nor neighbors. This is for Kharkiv hospital. Your support is VERY significant in many respects. First, I have mentioned about: the goods are just what the hospital needs. Second, we see real support from international community to our people.

Large Russia sends its bandits to kill Ukrainians and destroy Ukraine while its industry works for the war. In Ukraine, millions of people had to run from “Russian liberation” to other cities or abroad. Many enterprises are situated in the cities which are under russian bombardment and cannot function. Almost all the country struggles. A small part of us can work under the conditions of the war. This is one reason more why the humanitarian goods are very significant.

Many-many thanks!!! Ukrainians boys and girls in our Army defend our motherland in the war started by russia. And they defend democracy all over the world!

Update by Prof. Girka on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 (part I):
Ethnic cleansing: the article "What Russia should do with Ukraine" was published on russian state website. The material was published on the state media of the russian rederation RIA Novosti (russian information agency “News”) on April 3, 2022. It became inaccessible almost immediately, but can still be viewed through online archives. The article is not only about so-called "denazification", but also about "de-Ukrainization", which actually means persecution or murder of people on ethnic grounds.

It goes on to say that "denazification is a set of measures against the nationalized mass of the population, which technically cannot be subjected to direct punishment as war criminals." The author of the article in the state edition calls a significant part of the people of Ukraine "guilty" of Nazism, saying that they are "passive Nazis, accomplices." "The just punishment of this part of the population is possible only as bearing the inevitable burden of a just war," the author writes. The author directly suggests repressions for "re-education" and lists their options.

It is cynical that the author talks about alleged Nazism in Ukraine. When all the world sees the opposite facts: russia is mass exterminating Ukrainians by nationality. And what is it called? The answer is obvious at once: the genocide of the Ukrainian people by russia.

Update by Prof. Girka on Saturday, April 2, 2022:
1. War is awful. As we can see from the reaction of our colleagues and relatives in Russia, they do not believe us – they are used to believe their TV sets. They consider this war as a conflict inside Ukraine between some fictional groups, mostly between east and west of Ukraine which are divided by Dnipro river. These days I live in the residence of the father of my colleague just in the other part of Ukraine as compared with that where I was born and worked. They accept us as their relatives and do not pay attention to the problems (large or small) which we certainly cause to them by our presence. All the neighbors and people in a market or hairdresser’s, a shop or elsewhere greet us and are very positive. I can remember my native Kharkiv. There is a mix of nations, a mix of churches. Kharkiv was the largest city of Ukraine in respect to the number of foreign students. We never distinguished people in respect to nations. Qualification was the main value among physicists.

This is not fantasy... This is Kharkiv, now...

2. I was born in the Soviet Union. When I was a boy, I was educated in the spirit of loyalty to my motherland and Communist Party. After 1985, more information became available. Now we see that the Soviet Union was in charge of many wars, including WWII. Russia continues this sad list by bombing its part – Chechnya, by invasion to Georgia, Moldova, Syria, Ukraine.

However, russian minister of foreign affairs says that russia never fought against anybody and does not fight against Ukraine. russians can believe this lie. But I saw russian bandits in my native city with my own eyes. They shot on me and my family with rifles, guns, tanks, missiles… They destroyed civilian buildings, hospitals, schools, buildings of my University, churches… They directly killed civilian people who tried to leave occupied cities and villages. And they continue saying that they liberate us. russia is the only one from whom we want to be liberated. This is opinion of me and my colleagues: Ukrainians, Russians, Belorussians, Jewishs, Moldavians, Tatarians, Germans… People of Ukraine are a nation of people who value freedom ahead of all rather than a nation in respect of blood. And this is proved by multinational personnel of our University as well as our Army.

3. Today we are very thankful to all the people all over the world who endorse us and support us with humanitarian goods, as well as with weapons for our soldiers. This is very significant not to feel alone. We surely want from NATO to shelter our sky. But even without this, our boys and girls resist russian army who claim itself as the second most powerful army in the world. It appears that their army is large rather than great.

4. russian bandits occupied two of our nuclear power stations. This causes danger to the whole world, at least – to whole Europe. Under these conditions, I call for all the Governments, Universities and scientific centers to arrange a complete boycott of all the scientific institutions of russia. This is especially significant since presidents of russian Universities including Moscow (!) University signed the declaration with endorsement to the russian war against Ukraine.

I am sure that these days, our soldiers fight and die to protect the world from russian state terrorism. I hope the world will quickly find a way to stop the war and to guarantee that it will never start again.

Update by Prof. Girka on Thursday, March 31, 2022:
Sometimes a video is much more impressive than pictures…

Update by Prof. Girka on Tuesday, March 29, 2022:
Russians continue killing Ukrainians, in particular, in my native Kharkiv.

Today we had our traditional zoom-meeting of the University President  with deans. It started with a silent minute in memory of our student  Vadym Pavlenko (see selfie), a third-year student, who was killed by russian bandits. On March 7, 2022, Vadym Pavlenko, a third-year student of the School of Ecology, tragically died together with his father. This happened during an attempt to evacuate from the city of Izyum, Kharkiv region. Izyum is entirely encircled by the bandits and its citizens have no water, food, electricity, communication... It is very unfortunate when, due to hostilities, we lose the hope of our people - the youth.

Pray for the victory, Ukrainian soldiers and international support

Update by Prof. Girka on Saturday, March 26, 2022:
Russians continue killing Ukrainians, in particular, in my native Kharkiv. Yesterday morning, russians fired by artillery and Grads on the city hospital in the Osnovyansky district of Kharkiv, where humanitarian aid was being distributed. 7 people were injured, 4 of them died. This is another war crime of the russian occupiers!

Memorial to the victims of soviet totalitarism has also suffered from russian fire. It is located about 1 km from my office at
School of Physics and Technology, V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University (Kharkiv, Ukraine). It's not a Memorial only, it's a cemetery of thousands of Polish officers and soldiers who were killed by soviet union at the beginning of WWII.

Several days ago, russian missiles destroyed the building of the School of Economics of Kharkiv University.
A photographer made the pictures, how does it look from inside.

However, Kharkiv citizens continue living and winning. In the video a student of the secondary school
plays music by Platon Maiboroda to the “Song about a towel” at the background of a Kharkiv street today.

Pray for the victory, Ukrainian soldiers and international support

Update by Prof. Girka on Friday, March 25, 2022:
Yesterday, a month passed since the russian war against my Ukraine started.

Russians continue killing Ukrainians, in particular, in my native Kharkiv.

Yesterday, russians fired with long-range weapons at the Nova Poshta (New Post-office) checkpoint, near which Kharkiv residents were receiving humanitarian aid.

“According to preliminary data, 6 civilians were killed.
And another 15 were injured – they were hospitalized.
The number of victims is being determined.“

This is another war crime of the russian occupiers!
Pray for the victory, Ukrainian soldiers and international support!

Update by Prof. Girka on Tuesday, March 22, 2022:
Today is the 27th day of the russian war against my Ukraine. Russians continue killing Ukrainians.
Yesterday, Boris Romanchenko, a 96-year-old prisoner of several Nazi concentration camps, died after a shell hit a multi-storey residential building in Kharkiv. This was announced by the administration of the Buchenwald memorial complex with reference to his granddaughter:

"Boris Romanchenko died on March 18. In 1942, Romanchenko ended up in the Buchenwald concentration camp, and in the next three years he went through the Peenemünde, Dora-Mittelbau and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. Romanchenko advocated for people to remember Nazi crimes and was vice president of the Buchenwald-Dora International Committee."

Pray for the victory, Ukrainian soldiers and international support!

Update by Prof. Girka on Monday, March 21, 2022:
Today is the 26th day of the russian war against Ukraine.

russians continue killing my colleagues.

Yesterday, I was informed about the death of one more of our Professors.

„Defending his native Kharkiv from the invasion of the
russian occupation troops, Olexander Bezugly, an
associate professor of the Department of Regional
Administration and Local Self-Government, died heroically.
It is sad. It is a painful loss. He was a true man, young and full of strength and energy, a model of teaching, an active public figure, one of the organizers of the territorial defense of Kharkiv region; reliable, useless friend and companion.
Glory to the Hero! Bright and eternal memory to the colleague!“

Pray for the victory, Ukrainian soldiers and international support!

Update by Prof. Girka on Sunday, March 20, 2022:
Today is the 25th day of the russian war against my Ukraine. Russians continue destroying objects of education.
Yesterday, Professor of the Medical School Igor Belozorov sent a picture to me. On the one hand, the building is that of the University hospital - one more hospital destroyed by russians! On the other hand, this hospital is especially important for me since thirty years of my life beginning with my birth; it was the hospital where I applied if it was necessary. The building is situated twenty meters from the house I lived in those thirty years.

Pray for the victory, Ukrainian soldiers and international support, Igor Girka

Update by Prof. Girka on Saturday, March 19, 2022:
Today is the 24th day of the russian war against Ukraine. Russians continue destroying objects of education.
Yesterday, two more missiles fitted the building of my School: one – to the entrance, the other – to the room for learning foreign languages (see two pictures attached). On March 14, Russians fired on the dormitory of our School (see pictures by Yaroslav Matlak - he was born in Donbass and is the only one who does not want to leave the dormitory).

Today, my colleagues from the School of Public Administration at our University let me know that the building of their School also suffered from a russian missile. My cousin who lives in the other part of the city heard the sound of this explosion.

Since my student years I have a friend, who studied at the School of Chemistry. He was born in Merefa – a small city near Kharkiv. Yesterday, russian bandits fired at the secondary school where my friend studied at. The house of his father is 800 meters from the school. In Merefa, during the shelling from the russian federation, 21 people were killed, 25 were injured, 10 of them were in serious condition - according to the prosecutor's office of the Kharkiv region. My friend Oleg Yaroshenko said by phone: “There were no military or any chemical or biological laboratories in this school. The school was built before the start of World War II - the German fascists left it intact - they had their headquarters there. After the offensive of the Soviet troops, the school was also saved intact. What is symbolic: the school is located on the street named after the 5th of September - the day the city was liberated from the German occupiers. I was taught in Russian there. And now: with one rocket strike, the school was destroyed, it will need to be rebuilt. So-called `russian world´ kills the centers of Russian culture in the territories that speak mostly Russian and often consider Russian as their native language, and Ukrainian as their second native language...”

Last but not least, these links (Link 1, link 2, link 3) are all about the same:
Ukrainian militaries shot down a russian military helicopter. One can see the inscription by white paint "to Berlin" on its fuselage. This is a black joke, surely. On the other hand, I know of Russians taking part in May 9th demonstrations in Germany where they proclaimed:  “We can repeat!”...

Hope for the victory, Ukrainian soldiers and international support!

Update by Prof. Girka on Thursday, March 17, 2022:
I am in a safe place. There are no explosions here. Every morning I listen to our Kharkiv governor and the President about the results of the previous day. Ukrainian army resists by Kharkiv. I am glad that the European Physical Society joined the sanctions against the aggressor. Colleagues all over the world write with proposals to accept our students and researchers.

What affect does the war have on me psychologically? It is better seen from outside. Since I am the head of the family and the faculty, I have to keep myself in my hands and demonstrate certainty. This is especially significant for those who remain in Kharkiv. They continue suffering from regular bombardments. How am I holding up? I have a lot of work to do with my colleagues and students.

And how has the war affected the relationship with Russians within Ukraine? We never distinguished who is Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish… We in our community of physicists paid attention to who is a better specialist rather than nationality. All my colleagues endorse our soldiers and President in resistance to the enemy. We do not want to be slaves; we got used to be free, to live in democratic society. This is what we call a Ukrainian to distinguish from many russians who need a tsar to bow behind and to give him the right to make decisions instead of people.

Continuing to pray for our soldiers and international support which we directly see and which is indeed very important!

SLAVA UKRAINI! – Glory to heroes who defend their Motherland and freedom for all over the world!

Update by Prof. Girka on Monday, March 14, 2022:
Today is the nineteenth day of the russian war against my Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers bravely oppose to one of the largest armies in the world. We stay because we defend our people at our land. Since russian militaries can do nothing on the land, they get use of their prevailing in air: russian “officers” bomb and send the missiles to our houses, hospitals, churches, universities. Probably, they try to intimidate Ukrainians in this way. But this causes more resistance only! However, we ask NATO once more to shelter our sky from russian bandits to save our people, then our soldiers will defend us on the land.

My School of Physics and Technology, V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University, is situated by Kharkiv in the settlement called as Pyatikhatki since Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology is situated there. This is very similar to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with its Campus Nord (former scientific center).

Despite Pyatikhatki is mostly the settlement of physicists and students, there is an orthodox church therein. russians often explain their war against Ukraine by their attempts to defend orthodox faith. This explanation is false as all the others. I know from my friends who live in Pyatikhatki that the building of the church there suffered from russian bombardment. And the picture illustrates this.

Hope for the victory, Ukrainian soldiers and international support!

Update by Prof. Girka on Sunday, March 13, 2022:
Today is the eighteenth day of the war. Yesterday I started at least to gather my students (to whom I give lectures and with whom I solve problems). Today they are all over Ukraine and even abroad. That is why I gather them on the Internet. We start to carry out some kind of on-line education. When anybody among them can – I answer their questions, check homeworks up... Today morning, my student who is now in Poland sent his homework and we agreed to discuss it in the evening after he will be back from the meeting in endorsement of Ukraine.

Hope for the victory, Ukrainian soldiers and international support!

P.S. My relatives (hosts) have a small garden. I was happy these days in breaks to prune bushes and trees. What happiness it is to live in a place without explosions!

Update by Prof. Girka on Friday, March 11, 2022:
Today is the sixteenth day of the war. I have already reported on the strafing of the building of the School of Physics and Technology, V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University by russian troops. In particular, the laboratory of fluorescence spectroscopy. For these days nobody could come inside because the lock melted. However, some water flew from the room and it was necessary to stop this. Yesterday, I asked Dr. Valentine Bobkov to apply special tools to open the door. One can see destruction in the picture.

Head of the Department of materials for reactor design and physical technologies Professor Serhiy Lytovchenko spent these days in a shelter together with his daughter and neighbours. His daughter Vira is a violinist. One day she put her dress for concerts on and played the melody of the song “What a Moonlit Night“ for the neighbours in the shelter. She played to drown out the sounds of explosions for people with whom she has spent 9 days there.

Yesterday, I looked through the pictures of well-known Kharkiv photographer Leonid Logvynenko. My attention was drawn to the picture of the orthodox Christian church suffered from the russian cannonade.

Ukrainians saw much from russian army: strafing of secondary schools and Universities, houses and churches... However, on March 9, we (and I hope, all the mankind except of russian militaries) were saddened by russian troops who carried out a devastating air strike on the orphanage and maternity hospital in Mariupol. Children were under the rubble

With the hope for Ukrainian soldiers and international support!

Update by Prof. Girka on Thursday, March 10, 2022:
Yesterday, Dr. Valentine Bobkov visited his lab for studying the interaction of charged particle beams with solid surface in the building (picture 3) of the School of Physics and Technology, V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University. Formerly, flowers greeted everybody who came into the building. Now it is cold, nobody can water the flowers (picture 2). The room for lectures (named after the first dean of the school Academician Illya Zalyubovsky) also suffered from the bombardment (picture 4). Because of permanent shelling the missile (between the building of the school and the dormitory) is not removed still (picture 1).

With the hope for Ukrainian soldiers and international support! 

Update by Prof. Girka on Wednesday, March 9, 2022:
It is not a pleasure to write about awful things. I feel that I get used to seeing grief around, which is abnormal for a human!

Please check out this video about our university.

Update by Prof. Girka on Sunday, March 6, 2022:
Today is the eleventh day of the war. Yesterday, it was the first day when I did not hear any explosion since I left Kharkiv. This was happiness! However, today morning, my colleague, the dean of the School of Geology and Geography informed me about the third victim in the University team. Young man, our student, went to defend Ukraine and was killed by the enemy. RIP!

We have a laboratory for physical demonstrations in the University. Some devices were purchased by Karazin in Europe for the lab in 1804. This year it suffered from the enemy. Glass in the windows was destroyed several days ago. See pictures attached.

We ask to shelter the airspace over Ukraine!

Update by Prof. Girka on Saturday, March 5, 2022:
Today is the tenth day of the war. Eight days I sat in my apartments and could see the fight in direct view from my windows. And even the sounds of the explosions and the fight did not force me to move away. However, after a missile hit the house in the direct neighborhood of my house in my eyes, I decided to move away from Kharkiv.

Please, pay attention to two issues since my previous report.

First. My relatives spent this week in underground which is now transferred into shelter. What is important! Mayor services provide for free: water, food, hygienic things… for everybody, milk, special food, diapers… for children. Volunteers assist for elder people. They provide three-time food for free. On the other hand, sitting under ground for a long time destroys psychological health.

Second. TODAY, sport facilities of Kharkiv University were destroyed.

We ask to shelter the airspace over Ukraine!

P.S. Since I am not in Kharkiv more, most likely, this is my last report.

Update by Prof. Girka on Friday, March 4, 2022:
Today is the ninth day of the war. Bombardments continue!
What happened yesterday.

First. The director of the University Library sent pictures from the halls suffered from bombardments. Rare ancient literature is stored there.

Second. A missile hit the house where my colleague lives. Then today, he went to his relatives.

Third. A missile hit the other house in the direct neighborhood of my house.

"We ask to shelter the airspace over Ukraine!"

Update by Prof. Girka on Thursday, March 3, 2022:
Today is the eighth day of the war. Bombardments continue! In the breaks I finished translating the first module of the educational materials for teaching nuclear fusion in secondary schools into Ukrainian.

What happened yesterday.

First. I have already reported on the explosion in the other separate building of the University. Russian bomb hit in the building of School of Economics of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. According to preliminary information, three people were killed. Then the total number of victims within the University team is five. See here.

And there are still more than 3,000 foreign students who hide in basements and beg/pray for a green corridor and a special evacuation train.

Second. The second secondary school suffered from bombing yesterday. I have not anybody from my staff there to take a picture. That is why I provide links to local media. Source 1, 2 and 3.

Third. We studied at the University with Russian-speaking German Valentine Shtrasser. He made some pictures for me from around the place where he lives in Kharkiv.

Please also note the picture of Boris Shtrasser, Valentine´s brother. He graduated from the School of Economics at our University. He is also a Russian- speaking German and lives in Kharkiv. Now he takes part in territorial self-defense to defend Kharkiv from Russians who declare that they defend Russian-speaking population in Ukraine...

"We ask to shelter the airspace over Ukraine!"

Update by Prof. Girka on Wednesday, March 2, 2022:
Today is the seventh day of the war. Bombardments continue. In the breaks I continue translating the educational materials for teaching nuclear fusion in secondary schools into Ukrainian. They were initially prepared by Sander Korteweg from Fusenet in English. Most of teachers and students speak English, nevertheless I do the translation.
We have a curfew. Most of the colleagues spent all the day and night in bombproof shelters.
What happened yesterday:

First. I have already reported on the explosion in the main square of the city – Svobody sq. (square of Freedom). Two main buildings of the University are situated there. Glass in windows of the University was broken by the explosion wave. One can see destruction in the building of the Faculty of Economics of Kharkiv University after russian bombardment in this video. Awful!

Second. The University has the second victim in its team (Update on March 3: The link “” does not function right now since the server was placed in the building on the Svobody sq. which was partially destroyed in the result of bombardment.).This time it is a Professor (head of the Department of economy theory and public finances) Oleg Amosov. He died from injuries received one day before during the shelling by the russian occupiers of a peaceful residential area in Kharkiv.

Third. Yesterday evening, russian military aircrafts flew several times over my house. It was not very pleasant to hear and see them, despite they bombed somewhere in other place of the city and some of them were shot down as reported our administration and confirm my alumnus who lives nearby the place where the fragments landed.

Fourth. Two days ago, I demonstrated the photos. One of them was with the door of a car. My colleagues suggested that the enemy used cluster bombs with 5-6 mm metal balls banned by an international convention. Yesterday, I asked one of them (Ivan Guk) to make detailed pictures. He did and I attach some of them.

We pray for forthcoming peace. We ask for international support.

For our and your FREEDOM! Igor Girka

Update durch Prof. Girka am Dienstag, 1.3.2022:
Today is the sixth day of the war. However, it is impossible to get used to the sounds of explosions outdoors.
Four notes about yesterday.

From the beginning, the enemy fired at some buildings inside the city which had some relation to militaries, like airport, military university… Yesterday they fired at housing developments. I easily recognize the place in the video since we often walk there with my wife. You can find other videos on the internet as well.

. Yesterday, my University grieved about the first student who was killed during these days. He went to defend his Motherland in the first days. Excuse me: the information is now in Ukrainian only.

This is about Sunday, February 27. Russian diversion group came to the city, occupied the building of the secondary school. They were rendered harmless, but the building was destroyed. You can visit the internet and see the building before and after the fight.

Fourth. Yesterday, I demonstrated the photos. One of them was with the door of a car. The hole in the glass is not from a bullet. No automatic rifles were used that time there. It was identified by my colleagues-physicists as that from a metal wall. It looks like the enemy used cluster bombs with 5-6 mm metal balls banned by an international convention.

Today morning we had an air strike on the regional state administration in Kharkiv. Two buildings of the University in the central square were damaged. We came under artillery fire. We do not know exactly the destruction since our guards (several men who work as watchmen) sit in the basement - they cannot go out to observe. Bombing is ongoing.

Please also check out these videos about Kharkiv secondary school:
Video 1 
Video 2
Video 3

We pray for forthcoming peace. We ask for international support. For our and your FREEDOM! We do not want to die!

Update durch Prof. Girka am Montag, 28.2.2022:
The internet was disconnected in the morning...
Today morning I met the fifth day of the war. All day long yesterday and all night with short breaks I heard sounds of explosions of different power. Yesterday, the main direction was not 2 km but 15 km from me. There is the settlement where my School of Physics and Technology is situated, as well as Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology. Many professors from the University and researchers from the Institute live there. The settlement is to the north of the city by the road Kharkiv-Belgorod (Ukraine-russia). The enemy’s way to the Kharkiv center lies through the settlement. Yesterday, russian missiles hit several times into the civilian targets in the settlement. In the pictures, one can see, in particular, a splinter in the wall of the flat and on the table (after drawing out of the wall). In the other picture, a mine crater is photographed two meters from the apparatus of the children's playground. In another picture you see a mine crater on the land and a car without the door. Bad quality is because of the evening time.

Ukrainians ask NATO members to:
✅ close the airspace over Ukraine;
✅ Introduce NATO peacekeeping troops in Ukraine;
✅Provide military assistance to Kyiv.

With my thanks and hope for forthcoming peace. For our and your FREEDOM! We do not want to die!"

Update durch Prof. Girka am Sonntag, 27.2.2022:
"I live in the suburbs. My multi storage house is the last. In my windows, I can see the beltline and further - countryside. All day yesterday and in the late night russian tanks tried to break Ukrainian soldiers. But our boys did not let them come in. I do not look into the windows during the fights. I can only see bonfires in the breaks. Russian tanks and vehicles flame. The enemy destroyed lines of power supply and internet cables yesterday. After the curfew, the mayor services renewed the supply and later – internet connection.
My driver lives a couple of kilometers from me closer to the city center. We talked with him in the morning today. He says a mine crater appeared in front of his house during the night bombardment - 10 meters behind the crater one even sees the groundwork (below it is brown-red and above it is white) of the hospital!!! There are no military targets in that vicinity: civilian buildings, a school and kindergarten – no more!
We know about significant international support to our Army. We are VERY THANKFUL to all the nations who support us. There is no reason for the soldiers to die in this war. Ukrainian militaries stay for our democratic motherland and its freedom, while russian soldiers in Ukraine bring indelible disgrace to moscow. With my thanks and hope for forthcoming peace. For our and your FREEDOM!"

Update durch Prof. Girka am Samstag, 26.2.2022:
"Today I was awakened by the sounds of explosions at 06-00. Fight was somewhere in the northeast from my house. Yesterday the fight was so close to my home that another house in my street got several missiles, luckily in a blank wall and with some angle, which resulted in no victims. Our mayor invited citizens to give their blood at a special hospital two days ago. Yesterday the hospital was bombarded by russian military planes. Some civilian buildings were destroyed in the city in the course of bombarding the buildings of the military academy.There are some students in our dormitory. They cannot go home since they live either on the territory which is temporarily occupied or where fights take place just now. After the missile attack on the dormitory (the missile landed dozens of meters from the dormitory) they spend most time in the cellar of the nearest hospital. They were very scared by the missile and a fight which took place two hundred meters from the dormitory and the hospital they hid at that time."

Auszüge aus Prof. Girkas Hilferuf am Freitag, 25.2.2022 im englischen Original: 

"Russia spends a lot of money to lie in Europe via papers and RT. I say what I see with my own eyes. An hour ago a missile hit a civilian house in my street. Luckily it was a blank wall and no victims. We need international support."
"We stay here for our and your FREEDOM. Russians say that they destroy military infrastructure only. First, this is not true. Second, even if it is true, why does one country destroy anything in another country? We need powerful international support!"
"I am in Kharkiv. I can see the combat from my window. Help us!"
"Yesterday in the late evening, the fight happened directly in the neighborhood of the building of my faculty of Physics and Technology, V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine. A Russian military unit was annihilated. However, explosions destroyed the doors and windows of the buildings. Several rooms were burnt to ashes. Nobody was inside, then no victims. I ask once more for international support. This is not a demonstration of force – this is the real war. University (!) building is almost destroyed."

Heidelberg/Charkow (hb). Ein dringender Hilferuf aus dem ukrainischen Kriegsgebiet hat den Freundeskreis des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes (DAAD) in Heidelberg und das Heisenberg-Gymnasium Bruchsal erreicht. Prof. Dr. Igor Girka, Dekan der Hochschule für Physik und Technologie an der Nationalen W.-N.-Karasin-Universität Charkow sowie Mitglied der ukrainischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, schildert darin in dramatischen Worten seine Erlebnisse am ersten Abend des Putinschen Angriffskriegs und fleht die (akademische) Welt um Hilfe an. Als Professor für Angewandte Physik und Plasmaphysik war er 2018 Gastwissenschaftler am Karlsruhe Institute of Technology und nahm unter anderem am Programm „Schule hautnah - scholars at school“ des DAAD-Freundeskreises Rhein-Neckar (Heidelberg) teil.
„Ich kann die Kämpfe von meinem Fenster aus sehen“, berichtet der DAAD-Alumnus von den erbitterten Auseinandersetzungen direkt neben seiner Fakultät. „Helft uns!“ Explosionen hätten die Türen und Fenster des Universitätsgebäudes zerstört, mehrere Räume seien „zu Asche verbrannt“. Als Beleg schickt er per E-Mail ein Bild der Fassade sowie eines der Gebäuderückseite, das eine Rakete zeigt. „Sie ist zehn Meter von unserer hinteren Institutswand eingeschlagen!“ Beide Aufnahmen stammen von einem Institutsmitarbeiter.
Man bräuchte dringend internationale Unterstützung, so der 59-Jährige. „Das ist keine Demonstration der Stärke – das ist ein wahrhaftiger Krieg!“ Dass Russland nur militärische Infrastruktur zerstören wolle, sei unwahr. „Und selbst wenn: Warum verursacht ein Land einfach so solche Zerstörungen in einem anderen Land?“
Nichtsdestotrotz zeige man großen Durchhaltewillen. „Wir bleiben hier für unsere und eure FREIHEIT!“, betont Girka, mit der Wahl der Großbuchstaben eindrucksvoll hervorhebend, was für die Ukraine gut 30 Jahre nach ihrer Unabhängigkeit auf dem Spiel steht. Und nicht nur für die Ukraine. Seinen Appell wiederholt er deshalb bewusst:

"Wir brauchen internationale Unterstützung - wirksame internationale Unterstützung!"

N.B.: Über den Hilferuf aus Charkow berichtete auch der Mannheimer Morgen. Eine Möglichkeit, Solidarität mit der Ukraine zu zeigen, sind die Kundgebungen, die derzeit in sehr vielen deutschen Städten stattfinden. Zu den Anti-Kriegs-Protesten in Heidelberg am 24.2.2022 (Bismarckplatz, siehe SWR, Rhein-Neckar Fernsehen und HEIDELBERG24) und 2.3.2022 (Universitätsplatz, siehe Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung) rief auch der DAAD-Freundeskreis Rhein-Neckar auf, der zudem vor Ort Flagge zeigte, inklusive Plakataktion an beiden Tagen sowie Redebeitrag am 2. März. Er sammelt zudem Solidaritätsbekundungen für die Ukraine aus aller Welt.

THANKS TO THE PHOTOGRAPHERS IN UKRAINE: Olga Kamneva, Dementiy Matviyenko, Aleksandr Yevlakhov, Tatyana Gonchar, Maxim Klymenchuk, Vlad Smirnov, Ivan Guk, Valentine Shtrasser, Boris Shtrasser, Iryba Zhuravlyova, Oleksandr Yevlakhov, Vyacheslav Sklyar, Valentine Bobkov, Leonid Logvynenko, Yaroslav Matlak, Mykyta Kosishchev, Igor Belozorov; V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University; Maryna Lytovchenko, Sergey Sych, Oleksiy Golubov; N.B.: All pictures collected and shared by Prof. Girka. 

Fotos aus Heidelberg (2, davon eines bearbeitet): Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von René Priebe/PR-Video


Henning Belle aus Wochenblatt Bruchsal


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Fahrrad. Ob durch die Stadt, zum Einkaufen, in der Natur, die Berge hinauf und hinunter, oder für den täglichen Weg zur Arbeit – das Fahrrad liegt im Trend! Und das richtige Fahrrad vom Kinderfahrrad bis zum E-Mountainbike findet man in Karlsruhe bei Zweirad Eicker, beziehungsweise: Zweirad Eicker heißt jetzt Eicker Bikes! 1.500 Fahrräder in zwei Filialen in Karlsruhe Bis zu 1.500 Fahrräder stehen in den beiden Filialen von Eicker Bikes an der Neureuter Straße und der Pulverhausstraße zur...

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Die Büromitarbeiter der PPS Presse- und Post- Service GmbH Karlsruhe. V.l.n.r. Jürgen Bank (Leitung Außendienst), Sylvia Kunzmann (Bezirksdatenpflege und Reklamationsbearbeitung), Lutz Gebhard (Vertriebsleiter), Eva Minges (Zentrale und Reklamationsbearbeitung), Gerhard Messarosch (Geschäftsführer). Rechts hinten Götz Furrer, der als Dienstleister für die Zusteller-Stammdatenpflege und -Lohnabrechnung zuständig ist.
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PPS GmbH Karlsruhe bringt das „Wochenblatt“ in 262.000 Haushalte
„Die Zusteller sind unser Aushängeschild“

PPS Karlsruhe. „120 Jahre Vertriebserfahrung unter einem Dach“, so stellt Gerhard Messarosch, der Geschäftsführer der PPS Presse- und Post-Service GmbH Karlsruhe und Mannheim, sein Karlsruher Team vor. Die PPS in Karlsruhe sorgt zuverlässig dafür, dass die Wochenblätter zwischen Malsch südlich von Ettlingen und Malsch bei Wiesloch im Norden, dem Kraichtal im Osten und dem Rhein im Westen Woche für Woche im Briefkasten landen. 262.000 Haushalte werden so versorgt. Auch für die Prospektverteilung...

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